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[mkgmap-dev] Warning references bad object ID

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Mon Jun 14 18:50:05 BST 2010

> Hi folks,
> I periodically generate a map of Ireland from the Geofabrik
> ireland.osm extract. With warnings enabled, I get the following:
> 2010/06/13 20:39:27 WARNING (MultiPolygonRelation): ireland.osm:
> Multipolygon http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/4611686018427389788
> contains errors.
> 2010/06/13 20:39:27 WARNING (MultiPolygonRelation): ireland.osm:
> Polygon 4611686018427393761(6P)(4611686018427392539[6P]) carries role
> inner but lies inside an inner polygon. Potentially its role should be
> outer.
> Clearly there is no such object ID. Can anybody identify where this is
> going wrong?
> Thanks,
> Dermot


the multipolygon with id 4611686018427393761 is an artificial polygon 
created by the --generate-sea=multipolygon option.
There is definitely no chance for the multipolygon code to get the 
original object ID. This must be fixed in generate-sea code.

Have fun!

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