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[mkgmap-dev] New, faster splitter

From Chris Miller chris_overseas at hotmail.com on Thu Jun 10 09:38:52 BST 2010

Hello Ralf,

> I don't think this is a good idea. I often split the Europe excerpt,
> and only after running mkgmap I find out that one of the tiles is too
> big so I have to split again with a modified areas.list. Creating a
> cache during the first pass helps a lot there.

Hmmm I was wondering whether that might be a problem for someone but couldn't 
think of a good use case, so thanks for speaking up. This situation only 
crops up when --split-file is used - I take it you have a standard areas.list 
file that you hand edit and use even if you get an updated Europe osm file, 
hence there's no reason to regenerate areas.list (and hence the cache generation 
gets skipped)?

I could either revert the change so that a cache is always regenerated, even 
if only one pass is required. Alternatively I could add a parameter to toggle 
the behaviour. I'm usually wary of adding more parameters but I guess it's 
justified in this situation. The decision then becomes what the default behaviour 
should be. I suppose the default should be to always cache, but --cacheOptional 
would avoid generating the cache if a single pass was detected.



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