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[mkgmap-dev] New, faster splitter

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Tue Jun 8 01:27:47 BST 2010

> bz2 compressed file, no cache:
> No threading: 238s
> r109 threading: 193s
> r110 threading: 136s
> bz2 compressed file, cache:
> No threading: 170s
> r109 threading: 123s
> r110 threading: 92s
> Uncompressed osm file, no cache:
> No threading: 132s
> r109 threading: 80s
> r110 threading: 76s
> Uncompressed osm file, cache:
> No threading: 107s
> r109 threading: 63s
> r110 threading: 61s
> Pre-existing cache (so no osm file parsing required):
> No threading: 69s
> r109 threading: 23s
> r110 threading: 23s (the r110 threading isn't used in this situation)
Thanks for theese figures (and improvements)

How long does it take to uncompress with bunzip or p7zip? I suppose 
uncompressing with external program beforehand is still faster, or has 
this switched around now? (until now, for me uncompressing with p7zip 
the geofabrik extracts and then running mkgmap with no cache on small 
countries, with cache on larger countries was the fastest way to do..).

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