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[mkgmap-dev] Question regarding house numbers

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Mon May 31 22:35:37 BST 2010

> I have this in my points file:
> addr:housenumber=* {name '${name} (${addr:street} ${addr:housenumber} 
> ${addr:postcode} ${addr:city})' | '${addr:street} ${addr:housenumber} 
> ${addr:postcode} ${addr:city}'} [0x7100 resolution 24]
The problem was to choose a number that gets no address info from 
Garmin. With 0x3217 it works.
The line above seems to copy the address info into the name and this 
works also for numbers that wont't get address info but it doesn't work 
for POIs that generated with add-pois-to-areas. There the default name 
cannot be overwritten, that's why I get the German word "Punkt".

Correct me if I am wrong.


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