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[mkgmap-dev] Really Serious bug when not using --route

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Mon May 31 16:44:53 BST 2010

On 31.05.2010 16:08, Johann Gail wrote:
>>> The first bit in poiDisplayFlags have to do something with the 
>>> basemaps.
>>> In all detailed maps it's set.
>>> The maps i found that it's not set are worldwide base maps - 
>>> gmapbmap.img(s)
>>> For the route recalculation, it's not clear which of the two bites
>>> changed the recalculation
>>>   - first rule of re ->  always change only one thing .
>> Can someone write a patch to allow setting the poiDisplayFlag? Cause 
>> mkgmap maps are usually no basemaps....
> Ok, the following patch intruduces a new option "--detailed-map" which 
> sets this flag. Patch compiles, but is otherwise completely untested. 
> I don't expect it to help much, but feel free to try out.
Well I can't see what it does with gmaptool. Maps are still 1 3 17 12  
according to gmaptool and setting 1 3 17 13 breaks autorouting.

I am pretty sure that if the requisites don't break autorouting when 1 3 
17 13 is set, that then the 3 tile problem would be solved too. For 
Garmin maps, setting 1 3 17 12 like mkgmap does changes nothing, routing 
still works as expected. So if on Garmin maps one can change it to any 
value, it should not break when doing the same thing on mkgmap created maps.

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