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[mkgmap-dev] Really Serious bug when not using --route

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Mon May 31 14:56:50 BST 2010

>> A possible way to find the flag:
>> With MapSource (at least with 6.13) it is possible to include or exclude
>> the routing data when transferring to the device. If you transfer the
>> same data twice, one time with, the ther time without the routing data,
> A great idea!
> Unfortunately my results are that all the sub-files are unaltered
> and bit for bit identical in the two cases.
> All the changes in the header appear to be consistent with the changes
> required for the fact that the files are different sizes and one
> does not contain NOD.
Ok, so there IS NO NOD flag. I really haven't expected this result, but 
seems the case here.
> I've had no luck with finding anything.  I've tried unsetting all the
> flags that we don't know the meaning of, so it seems that it might
> not be a simple flag that we always set but shouldn't.
Two things come to my mind.
1. Could it be a matter of draw priority? Maybe the routable map needs a 
higher drawing priority to be in front? In the other case routing will 
be tried on the non-routable map and fail.

2. Could it have to do something with the detailed map/basemap flag? To 
write a patch for this bit should not be that complicated, but iirc 
setting this bit breaks routing.


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