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[mkgmap-dev] Really Serious bug when not using --route

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Thu May 27 12:00:00 BST 2010

>> Only solution I think is to make --route default and 
>> compulsory for the moment. Else people will create maps that havoc other 
>> maps without realising.
> I strongly advice against this. The problem has been around a very long time
> and nobody noticed, so I don't think it is that critical. The workaround is
> simple: Do not use the latest version of MS/BC until the problem is fixed.
> On the other hand, routable maps seem to be much larger than non-routable
> maps. If you change the behaviour of mkgamp there you can break things by
> enlarging the maps so they do not fit into the memory they used previously.
> If the map is tailored to fit an 1GB SD card, it will no longer. There are
> older devices that have a limited amount of built-in memory and you might
> make maps unusable that now are fitting into the devices.
> In short: I think a compulsory change would break more than it helps right
> now.
Felix, I appreciate your detailed work in investigate this bug, which 
will concern  mkgamp in the future. But at the moment it is not known, 
where this NOD-Bit resides, so we can not do a clean solution.

As you have shown with your detailed work, there is a simple workaround. 
If you want universal non-routable maps, then delete the routing 
specific entries from the style file and set the --route option. 
Therefore it *IS* an option, to be able for each user to fulfill their 
own needs. There is no need to make this mandatory.

Ok, I admit it is a little confusing at the moment to need to set the 
--route option to generate a working nonroutable map for the future 
version of MS, but I think it is only a matter of time, until mkgmap 
handles the flag correctly. If in future the problem will become a 
bigger one, for sure someone wil look for a solution. At the moment 
there is simply no urgent need.

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