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[mkgmap-dev] Really Serious bug when not using --route

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Wed May 26 23:45:30 BST 2010

On 27.05.2010 00:28, Felix Hartmann wrote:
> If the flag is in TRE, then my first guess would be within
>> the 3 bytes from 0x43.
>> We don't know exactly what they are for, but some of the bits
>> at least affect routing (see: 
>> http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/pipermail/mkgmap-dev/2009q1/001473.html)
>> Please try the attached patch.
> The first 3 TRE values have nothing to do with it (maybe the fourth, 
> but I still have not understood where it is set).
> If you have: writer.putInt(0x130201);
> then 17 is setting the autorouting priority.
Ups, sorry, just wrote it wrongly. 13 (what I ment with 17), is setting 
the distance for recalculation when off road. The lower the earlier the 
GPS will recalculate. It is useful for cycling/hiking as recalculation 
is happening later the slower you go (maybe because this is interpreted 
as bad gps reception??).

> 02 sets the draw priority (overrules DP if set inside tdb), and 01 is 
> unkown to me but does not affect routing. 
Setting the fourth via gmaptool breaks the routing for routable maps 
even though it should be there for setting maps tranparent/opaque is 
some obscure way different from the general transparent/opaque flag
> , but Mapsource/GPS still search for the NOD flag. In my opinion the 
> NOD flag is not configured at all inside mkgmap, else the Garmin dev 
> wouldn't tell that we might not no about it's existence at all.

I am more or less certain that the TRE values have nothing to do with 
it. There must be another value where the NOD flag is stored.

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