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[mkgmap-dev] Really Serious bug when not using --route

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Wed May 26 23:28:08 BST 2010

If the flag is in TRE, then my first guess would be within
> the 3 bytes from 0x43.
> We don't know exactly what they are for, but some of the bits
> at least affect routing (see: 
> http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/pipermail/mkgmap-dev/2009q1/001473.html)
> Please try the attached patch.
The first 3 TRE values have nothing to do with it (maybe the fourth, but 
I still have not understood where it is set).

If you have: writer.putInt(0x130201);
then 17 is setting the autorouting priority. 02 sets the draw priority 
(overrules DP if set inside tdb), and 01 is unkown to me but does not 
affect routing. Setting the fourth via gmaptool breaks the routing for 
routable maps, but Mapsource/GPS still search for the NOD flag. In my 
opinion the NOD flag is not configured at all inside mkgmap, else the 
Garmin dev wouldn't tell that we might not no about it's existence at all.

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