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[mkgmap-dev] Really Serious bug when not using --route

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon May 24 08:00:41 BST 2010


> Okay, there is probably no need to search for the revision that
> introduced this bug. I went as far back as rev 500, and there the NOD
> flag is already set, which was before we got started with autorouting.
> Hence I assume we don't know about its existence, and it has been wrong
> from the start.

Yes we probably don't know about it.  I can't remember having to set any 
of the unknown things differently when going to routing.  It could be in 
the TDB file as that has more unknowns in it, but that is not 
transferred to the device - although it could affect what is sent to the 
device, so still less likely.


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