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[mkgmap-dev] seamarks and style file

From frmas frmas at free.fr on Sat May 22 16:08:02 BST 2010


Do I have the right to write in my style points file something like that :
seamark:buoy_lateral:colour=green		[0x1604 resolution 20]
seamark:buoy_lateral:colour=red			[0x1605 resolution 20]

The nodes in the osm file are like those ones :
  <node id='-10342' action='modify' timestamp='2010-05-22T11:29:17Z'
visible='true' lat='46.957287947016' lon='-2.322523554923099'>
    <tag k='seamark:buoy_lateral:category' v='port' />
    <tag k='seamark:buoy_lateral:colour' v='red' />
    <tag k='seamark:buoy_lateral:shape' v='pillar' />
    <tag k='seamark:light' v='yes' />
    <tag k='seamark:light:colour' v='red' />
    <tag k='seamark:topmark:colour' v='red' />
    <tag k='seamark:topmark:shape' v='cylinder' />
    <tag k='seamark:type' v='buoy_lateral' />
  <node id='-10340' action='modify' timestamp='2010-05-22T11:29:17Z'
visible='true' lat='46.96333741944368' lon='-2.3130953826729668'>
    <tag k='seamark:buoy_lateral:category' v='starboard' />
    <tag k='seamark:buoy_lateral:colour' v='green' />
    <tag k='seamark:buoy_lateral:shape' v='pillar' />
    <tag k='seamark:topmark:colour' v='green' />
    <tag k='seamark:topmark:shape' v='cone, point up' />
    <tag k='seamark:type' v='buoy_lateral' />

Thank you. Francois


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