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[mkgmap-dev] Transliteration of persian and arabic script

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Tue May 18 18:39:54 BST 2010

The transliteration is for sure done in mkgmap and not in the garmin 
unit. But don't ask me details, where and how it happens.

Claudius Henrichs schrieb:
> Currently if the name-tag is written in persian or arabic script on a garmin device it ends up transliterated into latin script. I am not sure if garmin is doing this internally or mkgmap. Can any developer clear this up?
> I am asking because this transliteration contains some error as it seems some persian characters (at least one, the "alef") are not mapped to latin ones so they end up as question marks
> Some examples:
> source: پمپ بنزین نامجو
> current: pmp bnzyn n?mjw
> correct: pmp bnzyn namjw
> source: میدان سعدآباد
> current: myd?n s'dab?d
> correct: mydan s'dabad
> source: مجتمع پزشکی ثامن الائمه
> current: mjtm` pzshkhy th?mn ?l?y'Mh
> correct: mjtm` pzshkhy thamn alay'Mh
> I've found script/make-transliteration-table.pl and as far as I understand the mapping error seems in Perl's Text::Unidecode module then. Maybe the script's author, Ævar, can take a look :)
> Thanks in advance,
> Claudius
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