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[mkgmap-dev] New mkgmap styles

From Christian Gawron christian.gawron at googlemail.com on Sat May 8 20:56:41 BST 2010

Hi all,

mkgmap already contains a class uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.typ.TYPFile 
(written by Thomas Lußnig) which has a method setFamilyId(). I have not 
tested it yet, but I suppose this method just changes the family id of 
the TYP file.

Is there any reason why mkgmap should not use this method to adjust the 
family id of an included TYP file?

Best wishes

Daniela Duerbeck schrieb:
> Clinton Gladstone wrote:
>> 3. A Perl script then adjusts the TYP file family and product IDs to
>> match that of the map being generated.
> Aahh. :-) I made a program that patches this number. Oops, I think, I 
> patch just the family-id, not the product-id. Is this necessary?
>> 4. The adjusted TYP file is then passed as a parameter to mkgmap as
>> the map is generated.
> So do I.
> But I need nevertheless two typ files and two style files (for the 
> Oregon and the Etrex).
> When I use certain numbers they can be good for the Etrex but harmful 
> for the Oregon. (The Oregon gets lost in a boot up and crash cycle)
>> Therefore, I would suggest that you think about distributing your TYP
>> file, potentially with the style files, but note that users will have
>> to adjust the name and IDs when they generate their own maps.
> And a certain note would also not be wrong: "Use it at your own risk". 
> "If you have a sd-Card inside your unit use it rather on the sd card 
> than on the flash space of your unit."
> This file is tested on a Garmin "whatever", so I am pretty sure, that it 
> workes for Garmin devices of this type.
> Dani (just to be sure ...)
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