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[mkgmap-dev] family-id & Co.

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Fri May 7 09:27:38 BST 2010

Christian H. Bruhn schreef:
> Hi!
> I haven't really understand what are the following mkgmap-options are
> for:
> [ cut family-stuff options, VS]
> I only knew that the map should have the same family-id (or was it the
> product-id?) as in the TYP-file.
> But what about the others? Which are really necessary? And where will
> these informations be displayed?

java -jar mkgmap.jar --help=options tells you a bit about it:

        This is an integer that identifies a family of products.

        If you build several maps, this option describes the
        family name of all of your maps. Garmin will display this
        in the map selection screen.
        Example: --family-name="OpenStreetmap mkgmap XL 2019"
        TODO: at least the "-" character seems to have a strange
        effect on the family name; latin-alphabet and digits seem
        safe, but other characters should be checked.

        This is an integer that identifies a product within a family.
        It is often just 1.

        This name will be displayed in MapSource in the map selection
        drop-down. The default is "OSM map".

The country-names etc. seem to have an effect on the country a map is
in, i.e. if you set "country-name=Molvania", all your places will be in
Molvania. However, I could be wrong here.

For myself, I use
--mapname=3100${mapid}  (I increment this, as my Nuvi crashes if I put a
different map on it with the same mapID as the previous one, could be
some sort of caching mechanism)

--description="$land" (this is just a textual description in the Nüvi)
--family-name="Openstreetmap `date +'%d %b %y'`" (this is the map family
name, also displayed)
--series-name="OSM-Valentijn" (I don't think this is displayed anywhere)

I don't use any other options on your list.


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