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[mkgmap-dev] Unusable maps generated from geofabrik-europe

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es on Tue May 4 20:43:48 BST 2010

El 02/05/10 20:51, Felix Hartmann escribió:
> Well then use max-nodes 200.000 - really, 500.000 was for example in
> Athens a big problem.
I tried max-nodes=200000 (although I don't I understand why should I use 
so low number for an area where I'm using max-nodes=1900000/1600000 
without problems using different input files), but still the same 
problem. Any attempt to use lower max-nodes resulted in the following error:
Splitting nodes into areas containing a maximum of 150.000 nodes each...
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.StackOverflowError
         at uk.me.parabola.splitter.DensityMap.xToLon(DensityMap.java:205)
         at uk.me.parabola.splitter.DensityMap.trim(DensityMap.java:166)
         at uk.me.parabola.splitter.DensityMap.subset(DensityMap.java:101)




Finally I found the origin of the problem removing parameters from the 
command line one by one and the guilty one was  --area-name="Península 
Ibérica", so it seems that accented characters in area-name break the map.
> On 02.05.2010 20:39, Carlos Dávila wrote:
>> El 02/05/10 19:15, Felix Hartmann escribió:
>>> You have to set much lower max-nodes than default. Anything over
>>> max-nodes=400000 may crash in certain regions. The default is far too high.
>>> I have no problems at all with any extracts from Europe. Asia is a
>>> different story, cause it is full of bugs, and will not even compile no
>>> matter what I try.
>> I have tried max-nodes=500000 for the whole of Europe, but it also
>> crashes MS. The area covered by areas-s.list file is Spain+Portugal+a
>> very small part of the South of France. I'm currently using
>> max-nodes=1900000 for Spain (6 tiles) and default for France without
>> problems (or at least not detected). areas-s.list contains 10 tiles for
>> the described area, so I think there shouldn't be any problem. I also
>> tried using 500000 nodes tiles for the same area covered by areas-s.list
>> and result is the same.
>>> On 02.05.2010 19:12, Carlos Dávila wrote:
>>>> Since a couple of weeks all maps I build from Europe excerpts from
>>>> Geofabrik crash MapSource. After having this problem with the same
>>>> parameters I've been using for some time to build map of Iberian
>>>> Peninsula (see [1] below) I have tried reducing max-nodes in the split,
>>>> clipping europe.osm with osmosis before split, building all Europe map
>>>> and anything I could imagine, but MapSource always crashes. Maps built
>>>> from Spain (split), France (split), Portugal (not split) and Canary
>>>> Islands (not split) excerpts work fine.
>>>> [1] Commands used:
>>>> /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/bin/java -Xmx2500M -jar splitter.jar
>>>> --geonames-file=cities15000.zip --split-file=areas-s.list europe.osm.bz2
>>>> /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/bin/java -Xmx1200m -enableassertions -jar
>>>> mkgmap.jar --max-jobs --generate-sea=multipolygon,extend-sea-sectors
>>>> --route --latin1 --code-page=1252 --gmapsupp --country-name=ESPAÑA
>>>> --country-abbr=ESP --area-name="Península Ibérica"
>>>> --series-name="OSM-Iberia-s" --index --road-name-pois --ignore-maxspeeds
>>>> --remove-short-arcs --add-pois-to-areas --adjust-turn-headings
>>>> --report-similar-arcs --link-pois-to-ways --location-autofill=1
>>>> --drive-on-right --check-roundabouts --style=mio
>>>> --delete-tags-file=quitar_is_in -c spain-s.args
>>>> spain-s.args:
>>>> family-id=38
>>>> product-id=1
>>>> family-name=OpenStreetMap Iberia
>>>> mapname: 63240001
>>>> description: ES-Sevilla
>>>> input-file: 63240001.osm.gz

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