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[mkgmap-dev] Buildings color

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Fri Apr 30 08:46:53 BST 2010

Prescott wrote:
> Yes i understand you, but you me not :-)
> I describe you my situation again:
> I want to create gmapsupp.img from OSM file but i want to change colors in
> generated gmapsupp.img.i want to have only one map, so something like ID is
> not important for me.i try edit TYP file and there is map id 2200. can i
> leave there this value-2200 or i must change it to some other or i must set
> map-id(2200) to my generated gmapsupp.img?...because it dont works for me
> anyway :-(
The simplest solution, seeing that you are compiling your own 
gmapsupp.img, is to use the --family-id switch with mkgmap and set it to 
2200 (for example). then make sure the family ID for the TYP file is 
also 2200.

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