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[mkgmap-dev] Incorrect capitalisation of first letters of every word during mkgmap style processing

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Thu Apr 29 18:12:56 BST 2010

On 29/04/2010 18:04, Felix Hartmann wrote:
> On 29.04.2010 18:57, Charlie Ferrero wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I use the following style rules to add more information to the names of
>> mountain peaks:
>> natural=peak&   ele ~'[\d\s]*m' {name '${name} (${ele})' | 'Peak
>> (${ele})'} [0x6616 resolution 20]
>> natural=peak&   ele ~'[\d\s]*ft' {name '${name} (${ele})'| 'Peak
>> (${ele})'} [0x6616 resolution 20]
>> natural=peak {name '${name} (${ele}m)' | 'Peak (${ele}m)' | '${name}' }
>> [0x6616 resolution 20]
>> This works as I would expect, except where the original tags include a
>> space between the elevation and the "ft" or "m" suffix, eg:
>> natural=peak
>> name=Mount Gizmo
>> ele=1200 m
>> This gets processed by mkgmap into a POI with the name
>> "Mount Gizmo (1200 M)"
>> Similarly,
>> natural=peak
>> name=Mount Gizmo
>> ele=1200 ft
>> Gets turned into "Mount Gizmo (1200 Ft)"
>> The same problem crops up when mkgmap converts a postcode from the
>> addr:postcode tab.  You end up with addresses like:
>> Place, Some Street, Some Town, UK Sw4 0jg when it should read
>> Place, Some Street, Some Town, UK SW4 0JG
>> Thus mkgmap is capitalising the first letter of all words in names and
>> addresses and lower-casing the rest, even if they were upper-case to
>> start with.  Is there any way of stopping mkgmap from doing this?
>> Indeed, is there a reason for it to do this in the first place.
> It's not mkgmap, it's Garmin that does it (probably so mapmakers don't
> need to think about it - as if they don't, it will held readability)....
> Have you tried using --lower-case??
> (actually I'ld be interested how --lower-case works on different GPS,
> and which will fuck up completly if you use it, which will "tolerate"
> it, and which are compatible...)

Thanks for your advice Felix.  The combination of
--lower case
results in correct labelling of non-rotated text both in Mapsource and 
on my GPSMap 76csx

Unfortunately the GPSMap cannot display any rotated text anymore so (for 
example) Macauley Road becomes M_______ R___

Mapsource has no problems.

I guess I'll just have to live with it!



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