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[mkgmap-dev] reduce-point-density vs. remove-short-arcs

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Apr 29 18:10:59 BST 2010

On 29/04/10 11:25, Valentijn Sessink wrote:
> I was wondering what is the difference between --remove-short-arcs and
> --reduce-point-density. Their description differs (short-arcs says it
> removes things that cause "routing problems", while point-density seems
> some sort of general simplification), but I'd think that using
> --reduce-point-density would mean that there's no short-arcs left
> afterwards, or are there? I.e. is there any cross effect between the two?

The reduce-point-density removes points that are not required to 
preserve the shape of the line to a given level of accuracy.
It is mainly of use at the lower resolution levels and it is not used at 
all at resolution 24.

The remove-short-arcs option removes short sections of road by merging 
and deleting nodes while preserving the connections between lines and 
boundary nodes.  It does this in the full detailed data before the road 
network is created.

So even if reduce-point-density was run at resolution 24, it would be 
too late I think as the road arcs have already been created.
Also I don't think that reduce-point-density is guaranteed to remove 
short arcs anyway.


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