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[mkgmap-dev] avg speed on roads

From Florian Lohoff f at zz.de on Thu Apr 22 22:59:34 BST 2010

i remember dark that the Garmin Data modell contains some classification
for road speeds e.g. used for time calculation in routing.
Is there any osm tag used for hinting those speeds except the
highway type?

The question i ask is that i am currently on la palma and i am mapping when
family lets me go - i found that routing times are off by a factor or 2 or 3.
Measuring the avg. speed for sections of 10-20km on primarys is something low
like 35km/h on some parts and something like 55km/h on fast parts. The max speed
on these sections is mostly 80km/h but in the end nobody gets that fast.

The low avg speed is caused by very tight slopes the roads wind up the mountains. 

So is there something like "avgspeed=" which gets used? I could hint the long
distance roads like primarys in the sections i measured the avg. speed.

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