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[mkgmap-dev] Recycling menu items in the Oregon

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Tue Apr 20 09:42:06 BST 2010

On 20.04.2010 01:13, Daniela Duerbeck wrote:
> What I also do not understand are subtypes above 1f. The typfile editors
> I have seen allow just subtypes until 1f. But when you use subtypes
> above 1f, there is something displayed. Normally the lower subtypes are
> simply copied, but there could be space to use for additional osm
> subtypes.So why not expand the typfile editors to subtypes above 1f?
Don't use subtypes above 1f - (e.g. 2a or 20) they will break the search 
indexes on some units, and might even cause some GPS to not start up 
Also 20 will display exactly alike 10 (either like the inbuilt style - 
or like the icon you have defined for 10) at least on etrex.

If you run out of POI, simply use extended types (of course they are not 
searchable though). Else you run risk of bricking your GPS (if you put 
maps on internal memory, if on sd-card you can put whatever you want of 
course, but then don't be surprised if POI search or similar things 
don't work as expected anymore).
> I used a small program that Charly sent to me that creates an osm-file
> and some style files that I put together into a map using mkgmap.
> Dani
> P.S: (*) One icon leaves me puzzled: I cannot figure out what Garmin could have meant with it. It is a black "cave" or tunnel with a questionmark.
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