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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v2] - Do not write unnecessary POI information

From Thilo Hannemann thannema at gmx.de on Sun Apr 18 19:42:45 BST 2010

Am 18.04.2010 um 19:15 schrieb Felix Hartmann:

> On 18.04.2010 10:46, Thilo Hannemann wrote:
>> I'm not sure about the ID range 0x64xx to 0x66xx - has anybody tested this and knows whether there are additional IDs that won't have their information shown?
>> Regards
>> Thilo
> Actually it is much more. 0x4100 and bigger show no contact Information (this of course also includes all 0x1???? ) - Or has someone found any POI above 0x4099 show any kind of contact information????

I've changed it so that now there is no contact information for 0x1Cxx and for everything starting from 0x4100. I've found "somewhere on the internet" that POIs with 0x1Cxx don't have their contact information shown.

> We would also need to exclude all cities (0x0*) to 0x1199 do not show any contact information (I'm not sure whether 0x13?? to ox1f?? do show contact information - as I never used any POI inside this range). I don't know how to adapt your patch to ONLY put contact information for 0x1300 - 0x4099 - but that is what we essentially need (maybe it is even 0x2000 - 0x4099). Plus we need to exclude 0x0???? (e.g. 0x01709)

Cities are already excluded. They are handled separately and don't get any contact information.

> As a second patch I think we would really need an option to switch of the "fix my address" nonsense. It only takes up space. So either replace that text by a simple dot "." or get rid of adding contact info alltogether if there is no address/or other info we want to put once we have several keys that are added!

My patch gets rid of it, because it will only create the contact information if a street is given. That part of the code won't be executed anymore, so I removed it in v2.
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