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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] - Do not write unnecessary POI information

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sun Apr 18 18:15:50 BST 2010

On 18.04.2010 10:46, Thilo Hannemann wrote:
> The attached patch will prevent writing the additional POI information (address, phone number) if
> - it won't be shown (POIs with IDs 0x64xx to 0x66xx won't have their information shown)
> - there is no street given for that POI
> This reduces the size of the map by about 5% for my map (with a lot of POIs actually generated in the range 0x64xx to 0x66xx).
> It may be questionable to write no address information if there is no street given. IMHO though, what I want to have from that additional information is the street address. I can see on the map in which city and region the POI is in and in most cases I can also see the distance to my current location. So if I don't have at least a street name the information about the city and region alone (which is most likely autogenerated and therefore error-prone anyway) doesn't help. For my maps the additional size reduction of this is less than 1 % (which I don't understand BTW, should be more).
> I'm not sure about the ID range 0x64xx to 0x66xx - has anybody tested this and knows whether there are additional IDs that won't have their information shown?
> Regards
> Thilo
Actually it is much more. 0x4100 and bigger show no contact Information 
(this of course also includes all 0x1???? ) - Or has someone found any 
POI above 0x4099 show any kind of contact information????
We would also need to exclude all cities (0x0*) to 0x1199 do not show 
any contact information (I'm not sure whether 0x13?? to ox1f?? do show 
contact information - as I never used any POI inside this range). I 
don't know how to adapt your patch to ONLY put contact information for 
0x1300 - 0x4099 - but that is what we essentially need (maybe it is even 
0x2000 - 0x4099). Plus we need to exclude 0x0???? (e.g. 0x01709)

As a second patch I think we would really need an option to switch of 
the "fix my address" nonsense. It only takes up space. So either replace 
that text by a simple dot "." or get rid of adding contact info 
alltogether if there is no address/or other info we want to put once we 
have several keys that are added!
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