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[mkgmap-dev] Description text

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sat Apr 17 10:00:26 BST 2010

On 17.04.2010 02:21, Daniela Duerbeck wrote:
> Felix Hartmann wrote:
>> On 17.04.2010 01:06, Daniela Duerbeck wrote:
>>> Felix Hartmann wrote:
>>>> And don't forget - there is only a certain range of POI where the 
>>>> additional address/info field is usable on Garmin GPS/Mapsource. 
>>>> For the vast majority of POI those fields are not usable - hence no 
>>>> need to add any additional information to them (except if your 
>>>> usage is mainly Qlandkarte GT).
>>> But the address information is just added if there is an address 
>>> information. All other POIs get just the info text that there is no 
>>> address.
>> Well because for what I can see, we put on probably 60% of POI 
>> information, that cannot be used. This is a waste of space.
>> This is a list I found somewhere on the internet - showing for which 
>> POI (unluckily not in 0xcode but in names so one has to know what 
>> Garmin uses for them) can take additional information:
> <snipped>
> I think you do not understand completely: What you posted is the 
> Garmin point of view.
> In the osm maps simply each POI that has no address information gets: 
> "Fix my address". Read the source, Luke.
Yeah and this is useless, as for most POI noone can read the information 
- even though it exists. Maybe it even breaks some indexes or makes the 
search work slower.
> If you want to put other information into it you'd have to expand the 
> code in POIRecord.java. And this is IMHO not easily be done.But feel 
> free.
> Easier to implement for Java newbies could be to violate the street 
> info (if it is not there) to something other.
> Then you just have to add a few methods in three Java files. Do it for 
> test reasons, if you like. Please tell afterwards what you think about 
> this strategy.
> Dani
No you don't see the point. I do know that with mkgmap, each point gets 
this added. But for POI that don't have "contact information" the "fix 
my address" is added, but complete waste of space, as neither the GPS 
nor Mapsource/Basecamp will read it. It's like making non routable lines 
routable - there is simply no sense in doing it, as the GPS won't read 
it. Hence we increase map size without any benefit. It's like adding 200 
pages Chinese Characters to the back of a telephone book. Only 1°% of 
people will ever read it. Hence you waste resources.
(just go into Mapsource or your GPS and try to see for which POI there 
is a popup, you'll notice that for most there is none (exclude 
cities/shopping and the few listed).

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