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[mkgmap-dev] yet another --add-pois-to-areas question

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Wed Apr 14 00:05:43 BST 2010


In the last days I learned really a lot about this feature and found 
many bugs in my style files but here I have completely no idea:

I cannot figure out what prevents mkgmap from creating a POI for 
sport=swimming for this swimming bath. I would like to find it in the 
POI search. I have both building=* and public_building in my polygons 
and sport=swimming in the points.
The other nearby swimming baths have either a already tagged POI for 
sport=swimming or are water_parks, so cannot be compared.
Has perhaps somebody an idea what I could have made wrong in this case?

Thanks a lot in advance, Dani

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