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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap and relation 406175

From Jeffrey Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us on Mon Apr 12 15:54:53 BST 2010

Can someone take a look at relation 406175 (Skunk River and some
related waterways in central Iowa)?  With my most recent attempt at
rendering with mkgmap (rev 1631) it doesn't show up at all.  Prior to
that it was the source of some flooding...  As far as I can tell the
relation is correctly defined, but maybe is is getting damaged by the
splitter since it covers such a large area?

I'm trying to generate a whole US map using extracts from the planet
(currently using planet-100401):

bzcat planet-100401.osm.bz2 | ~/osmosis-0.34/bin/osmosis -verbose
--read-xml file=/dev/stdin enableDateParsing=no --bounding-box top=50
bottom=23 right=-66 left=-125 idTrackerType=BitSet completeWays=yes
completeRelations=yes --write-xml file=usa-100401.osm
java -Xmx4000M -jar ~/splitter.jar --cache=cache --max-areas=128
--max-nodes=800000 --mapid=70000001 --geonames-file=cities15000.zip
<edit template.args>
java -Xmx4096M -enableassertions -jar ~/mkgmap.jar -c template.args

I'm using splitter rev 105 (the patch in rev 106 doesn't look like it
affects me since I'm using a single OSM input file).

Jeff Ollie
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