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[mkgmap-dev] add-poi-to-areas: What, if there is already a poi?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Fri Apr 9 12:18:24 BST 2010

On 09.04.2010 13:00, charlie at cferrero.net wrote:
> Daniela Duerbeck (daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de) wrote:
>> charlie at cferrero.net wrote:
>> I do not think that they are pointless. If a forest has a name, why
>> shouldn't it get a POI?
> Because it already gets a polygon with a name - I can't believe that
> many people think "Hmmm, I wonder where the nearest forest/pond is -
> I'll do a POI search?".  On the other hand, they'll often think "I
> wonder where the nearest supermarket is" and if the supermarket is an
> area and the map wasn't compiled with --add-pois-to-areas, they won't
> find the supermarket.  This is happening increasingly as POIs are
> converted to areas in OSM.
> In any case, if you could control which polygons also got POIs, then
> people who like searching for the nearest graveyard or field can do
> that.  And those that don't, don't have to have their maps littered
> with POI icons that they don't want in order to get the POIs they do
> want.
>> But I do not understand, is why e.g. I do not get a POI for:
>>      <tag k='area' v='yes'/>
>>      <tag k='name' v='Wisent'/>
>>      <tag k='tourism' v='attraction'/>
>> but one for:
>>      <tag k='building' v='yes'/>
>>      <tag k='name' v='Villa Dracula'/>
>>      <tag k='tourism' v='attraction'/>
> It may be because you don't have an area=yes rule in your polygons
> style file, but you do have a building=yes rule.
>> I thought that area=yes should make --add-poi-to-areas to attach a
>> camera (in this case) to "Wisent". (I am still in my zoo ... :-)))
>> (In Villa Dracula, you can watch bats)
>> Dani
I agree that currently it is a mess when, or when not you get POI for 
areas. IMHO the cleanest would be to have it's own config file in the 
style. Alternatives would be the possibility to specify either inside 
the polygons or inside the POI file whether a matching POI for Polygon 
should get a POI or not. I think a config file to do nothing else but 
specify which POI to place for given areas would be by far the best.
Additionally I think we would need a tag for areas inside OSM to clarify 
whether a searchability for area should or should not be created. Also I 
would like to see area POI to be at different resolution from normal POI 
for the same tag. This can only be done by having a new "polygons_poi" 
file in the style-file (if you find a more suitable name for this, don't 
feel bound by "polygons_poi"). Another reason for seperate config is, 
that maybe for some areas you want to have a POI but nor area polygon. 
The current --add-pois-to-areas switch, is simply not configurable and 
will never be intelligent enough....

The matter of not creating several POI for the same thing, is a 
completly different topic, but I don't see any way how one can solve 
this well except by adding additional tags to OSM itself.

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