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[mkgmap-dev] Highway name or ref

From maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com on Wed Apr 7 03:37:31 BST 2010

Just to confirm, route instructions are using ref - name.  Tested on
mac roadtrip and mapsource.  Will try with GPS later.

highway=motorway {name '${ref|highway-symbol:hbox} ${name}' |
'${ref|highway-symbol:hbox}' | '${name}' ; add display_name = '${ref}
- ${name}' }
highway=trunk {name '${ref|highway-symbol:hbox} ${name}' |
'${ref|highway-symbol:hbox}' | '${name}'; add display_name = '${ref} -
${name}' }
highway=primary {name '${ref|highway-symbol:box} ${name}' |
'${ref|highway-symbol:box}' | '${name}'; add display_name = '${ref} -
${name}' }
highway=secondary {name '${ref|highway-symbol:oval} ${name}' |
'${ref|highway-symbol:oval}' | '${name}' ; add display_name = '${ref}
- ${name}' }

On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 5:18 AM, Clinton Gladstone
<clinton.gladstone at googlemail.com> wrote:
> On Apr 6, 2010, at 20:51, Lambertus wrote:
>> Someone on the forum seems to have found the solution:
>> Quote by Vclaw:
>>> I noticed this same thing on some Garmin maps I was making. I think
>>> its caused by the highway shields, as the Garmin can't display those
>>> as well as the name at the same time. I fixed it by setting the
>>> "display_name" for the highways. eg a style rule like this:
>>> highway=primary {name '${ref|highway-symbol:box} ${name}' |
>>> '${ref|highway-symbol:box}' | '${name}'; add display_name = '$
>> It's aparently the second part of this patch of which only the first
>> part has been committed:
>> <http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/pipermail/mkgmap-dev/2009q4/005056.html>
> Yes, I think it was decided not to include the display_name stuff in the default style, since it was unclear if this would be generally useful.
> However if more people find this helpful, and if we now have more functions which make use of the multiple labels, it may be time to reconsider adding some display_name statements to the lines file in the default style.
> Cheers.
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