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[mkgmap-dev] Distance Icon - Text (typ file question)

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Tue Apr 6 08:03:18 BST 2010

Daniela Duerbeck wrote:
> selfcomment.
>> I think that the distance between icon and corresponding text is a bit 
>> too large, see http://www.deltadelta.de/nmz/sc18.png
>> Can I decrease it?
> I think I have to explain more precisely, my english seems not to be 
> good enough.
> When I use new, selfdrawn icons via Typ file, the name that belongs to 
> the POI marked by the icon is farer away from the icon than it would 
> have been from an original Garmin icon. I used the online typ file 
> editor (http://ati.land.cz/)
>  From the right upper corner, the label has a distance of 3 Pixels 
> (diagonal) when a Garmin icon is shown, but 10 pixels, if my own icons 
> are used.
> If a user defined waypoint is labelled, the label sits right above the 
> icon, centered (that is the best way, I think).
> Does anybody know, if this behaviour is somehow coded inside the typ 
> file? Or does mkgmap define the position and distance of the label?
> I think on small displays 10 pixels is way too much, so it would be 
> really fine to be able to change that. Perhaps it is a not yet 
> understood byte inside the typ file?
> TIA, Dani
> _______________________________________________

Did you ever solve this?  Does using larger icons help?


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