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[mkgmap-dev] How to change a style file

From Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com on Sun Mar 7 13:05:42 GMT 2010

  I've written a small app in c that will generate an arbitrarily large 
  grid of POIs or polygons, each with a unique tag=key combination, and 
  the associated mkgmap style file to go with it.  This lets you see how 
  garmin type codes associate to icons and categories on any given GPS unit.

  Happy to share this, or the output of it (an IMG file and associated 
  style file).

This sounds useful; please send me a copy.

I have tried to use test:mkgmap, and it seems to work on my etrex vista
hcx but roadtrip crashes when I have it loaded there and then switch to
it (mapmanager works fine to install it).  I then have to rm -rf the map
data in ~/Library/Application\ Data/Garmin/Maps.

Two thoughts:

  how is your program different in functionality from the built-in
  test:mkgmap feature?

  perhaps this could live in the mkgmap repository

I've attached my script that produces a non-working test map (and real
maps that work in roadtrip and on my etrex vista hcx) in case that's
useful for you or if someone can spot what I'm doing wrong.

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