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[mkgmap-dev] Bounds problem with streets

From Chris-Hein Lunkhusen chris66nrw at gmx.de on Thu Mar 4 19:33:09 GMT 2010

Felix Hartmann schrieb:
> If they are not connected correctly (no routing over it), then the error
> is in Openstreetmap - where the roads are also not connected.
> On 02.03.2010 23:14, Tim wrote:

>> i have attached a screenshot of my Oregon to explain the problem. As
>> you can see, the streets are not "connected" correct.
>> I have made the map with a self made typ file and an extracted OSM file.
>> Is there a special attribute i must set, when i compile the IMG file,
>> or how can i solve the problem?

I don't see a connection problem there:


So I assume it's display-problem of the oregon.


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