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[mkgmap-dev] bug in road-name-pois

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Sun Feb 28 12:16:54 GMT 2010

Hello Minko,

> The option  --road-name-pois often creates place names that are totally wrong.
> Two adjacent streets in the same district can have different place names.
> I think it is better not to show the place name until this problem is solved?
> Is there a way to make these POI invisible on the map?

The maker of the map can use any POI type code and some show as blobs
on the map and some do not. It also depends on which GPS model you are

If the place names are unreliable, it would be better not to use the
road-name-pois option.

It should be redundant now anyway if the roadname search works OK.

I originally implemented the road-name-pois option as a workaround for
the lack of road searching capability. Other people worked on the
location code that decides the place names - it sounds like it's that
code that's being odd, not the road-name-poi feature, itself.


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