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[mkgmap-dev] Weird turn instructions

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es on Sat Feb 27 12:34:19 GMT 2010

Mark Burton escribió:
> Hi Carlos,
>> At least since version of 12/02/2010 I'm getting some weird turn
>> instructions in places where they worked fine in the past . In this area
>> [1] I get two of these estrange instructions when driving SE from
>> "Avenida Cordel de Merinas" to SW in "Avenida Hernán Cortés". The
>> sequence of instructions (both MapSource and gps) is:
>> 1-Turn right at Avenida de Extremadura (OK)
>> 2-Turn left at Avenida de las Delicias (wrong)
>> 3-Turn right at Avenida de las Delicias (OK)
>> 4-Turn right at Avenida Hernán Cortés (wrong)
>> At 2 there's been no change in the data for a long time. I noticed 4
>> first time after creating a through_route relation to avoid a "keep
>> left" instruction, but the problem could have been there before.
>> nuvi gives another wrong "turn right" at 3.5
> With that patch I posted earlier, this route is fine now in mapsource
> (no spurious directions). Are you still seeing problems with that route?
Turn left at 2 has disappeared, good!
Now at 3 instruction is keep right, which is wrong.
Turn right is still said at 4, where there's a through_route relation,
so no instruction should be said (if one, it should be keep left).

I have another case at [1]:
1: enter roundabout (ok)
2: take first to the right (ok)
3: turn left at Calle Osa Mayor (ok)
4: turn left at Calle Osa Mayor (wrong)
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