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[mkgmap-dev] multipolygon with outer polygon within inner polygons

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Fri Feb 12 18:46:06 GMT 2010

>> I have two solutions:
>> 1st: We might add a mkgmap option to disable multipolygon processing for
>> boundaries.
>> 2nd: the multipolygon code should not remove the boundary tags from the
>> singular ways. Additionally the polygons created by the multipolygon
>> code could be tagged with mkgmap:mp_boundary=yes. This tag could be
>> evaluated in the style definition so the style could differ between the
>> polygons created by the mp code and the lines not touched by mp code.
> I think the 2nd solution looks cleaner (or less easy to find out why
> something goes wrong). I just gripe about tags being lost. I think it
> should rather be converted to:
> mkgmap:mp_boundary=${boundary}
> mkgmap:mp_admin-level=${admin-level}

I think you misunderstood something.
Either all ways composing the boundary polygon and additionally the 
polygons created by the multipolygon code contain ALL tags (boundary=... 
admin-level=... name=...). But the polygons created by the mp code are 
additionally tagged with mkgmap:mp_boundary=yes.

I don't mind how the tag handling should be. Maybe the style guys tells 
us what they like most. Nearly everything should be possible.


> in order not to loose the importance. As I'm not well informed about
> naming of boundaries, care should be taken not to loose the keys
> depicting the info how to name a boundary too.
>> What do you think? (I am not an expert of the style processing)
>> WanMil

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