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[mkgmap-dev] Maps crashing Mapsource in big cities

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Fri Feb 12 18:10:21 GMT 2010

Hi Lambertus,

> Mark Burton wrote:
> > OK - you tell us what the limit is and we'll make sure that mkgmap
> > gripes if you bust the limit.
> > 
> > Seriously, if you can provide any info as what works and what doesn't
> > in terms of maps sizes, numbers of lines, polys, nodes, etc. that would
> > be useful and we can code accordingly.
> > 
> I don't know exactly if you were kinda mad at me writing this or if this 
> is a language barrier thing, but please know that I have high respect 
> your and others work on Mkgmap and Splitter. My writing certainly wasn't 
> meant as critique. I'm truly sorry if it was felt that way.

Don't panic, I'm not mad at all - sorry if that's what you thought. The
point I was trying to make was simply that we can't add warnings about
size limits being busted until we know what the limits are and that
info really needs to come from the people who are trying to make
big/complex maps.

> That said, is there a tool that gives the statistics that you're looking 
> for from an OSM extract? I would certainly try to provide more useful 
> feedback if possible.

I do not know of such a tool but what we could do is get mkgmap to
report a bunch of statistics (number of nodes/ways/relations,
subdivisions, routing table sizes, etc.) and that could be correlated
against good and bad maps.



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