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[mkgmap-dev] Problem with --adjust-turn-headings

From Steve Hosgood steve at tallyho.bc.nu on Fri Feb 5 12:06:51 GMT 2010

Please look at 

If you approach the marked junction on the B4270 from the south, 
intending to continue northwards on the B4268 then you get told "turn 
left" as you approach the junction with 300m or so to go. Trouble is, 
there is a minor road junctioning with the B4270 at about the same point 
on the road, and the geometry of the combined junction most certainly 
does not agree with a "turn left" for the B4268!

The portion of the B4270 that continues to the north-east makes a 
junction with the B4268/B4270 as a "give way" on the road. The 
transition from the B4270 to the B4268 is seamless on the road. The 
minor road going west does of course join the B4270 as a "give way" on 
the road. You can see the physical details on Google Earth if you need 
more detail.

But to hear "turn left in 300m" is most certainly a surprise! I'd expect 
no verbal instruction in this case.

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