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[mkgmap-dev] Bogus warnings about intersected ways in multipolygons

From Adrian ar2988-os at yahoo.co.uk on Mon Jan 25 23:19:29 GMT 2010

> It is the point of view to say "the OSM data is OK".

I ran r1475, r1502 and r1507 against exactly the same input files
(the Geofabrik extract split into two tiles by splitter). r1475
produced no error messages at all. I admit I don't know whether
r1475 might have done less error checking, but r1475 rendered the vineyards around Pinet correctly.

I have seen plenty of bad quality data in OSM. For example, one of
the multipolygon relationships which provoked an error message in
r1502 and r1507, contained two outer ways, both with the same
landuse tag. One way was closed, the other way was open and
duplicated about half of the closed way. There is an ongoing debate
about how much mkgmap should do in the way of cleaning-up the OSM


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