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[mkgmap-dev] oneway=reverse handling broken.

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Fri Jan 22 16:24:39 GMT 2010

On 22.01.2010 17:19, Mark Burton wrote:
> Hello Felix,
>> The biggest problem is that after changing around, I thought it all
>> works well and did not do any backups of how my style-file worked before
>> until realising the mess. 1498 and upwards if !=* is not working 100%
>> correct, is simply unusable. This was a real degradation. Now I will
>> need to spend hours trying to get a working style-file for 1497 again if
>> soon>1500 is not getting correct behaviour again.
> I can't believe you don't have your style files under version control.
> It's so easy with any of the "modern" SCM programs (e.g. bazaar,
> hg, git) - you don't have to make a separate repo like you do with
> old-fashioned SCM systems (cvs, svn). Just go to the directory/folder
> that contains the files you want to put under version control and say:
> hg/bazaar/git init
> Then you can start committing changes. It's a no-brainer.
> Mark
Yeah, I should have done so. I was allways to lazy to set it up. I got 
both Bazar and TortoiseSVN setup anyhow, to apply patches. But never 
used it for local files. Till now I kept good track myself of the 
changes and did once a week backups. Just with the latest changes I 
thought it will be an easy change until I had thrown all around and 
noticed that since the mp merge my styles simply output rubbish.
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