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[mkgmap-dev] Help from the style file gurus

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Wed Dec 30 08:11:35 GMT 2009

Hello list,

Question #1
I am using the overlays style file in combination with a TYP file to 
define custom styles for one-way streets (overlaid blue arrows in the 
direction of the one-way, type 0x10), and for bridges (two parallel 
lines outside the road, type 0x12).  This all works fine.  Where I'm 
stuck is when I have a one-way street that is also a bridge.  I had 
assumed that the stop/continue system would help me here, but sadly it 
doesn't work as I expected.

The following are my style rules  for trunk roads:

#lines file excerpt:
highway=trunk & (bridge=yes | bridge=true) [0x111 resolution 16 continue]
highway=trunk & oneway!=* [0x02 resolution 16 stop]
highway=trunk & (oneway=yes | oneway=true) [0x123 resolution 16 stop]

#overlays file excerpt:
0x111: 0x02, 0x12
0x123: 0x02, 0x10

Applying these rules results in one-way bridges having the bridge 
styling, but no one-way symbols (see attached screenshot; the fact that 
the railway is plotted on top of the bridge is quite another problem).

Can a style guru point me towards where I'm going wrong?

Question #2
Does the stop/continue system work across style files?  In other words, 
if I've got a polygon that is tagged:

And in my style files I've got:
barrier=fence [0x2d resolution 23 default_name 'Fence']
sport=* [0x19 resolution 23]

mkgmap by default will process the lines file first and plot the fence. 
  It will not then process the polygons file, so all I see in the 
resulting map is a fence.  Can I use continue/stop (once I've learned 
how to use it properly) to plot both the fence and the area?


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