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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1445: Hide underground railways. Map railway=abandoned to highway=track.

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Tue Dec 29 22:10:27 GMT 2009

On 29.12.2009 22:16, Johann Gail wrote:
>> If someone knows how to create invisible routeable ways, then we might
>> consider hiding underground roads.
You can do so, but only by using a  TYP file. Take some random type from 
0x01-0x13 and make it invisible by assigning both colors to transparent.
> With the current state of mkgmap I see no way to create invisible roads.
> But from technical view it should be possible. Simply add the way to the
> routing tables, but not to the line drawing tables. Nevertheless needs
> some refactoring before being able doing this.
If that is possible, it would be better than my above approach.
> While thinking about it, I think a found at least a workaround:
> What happens, if you assign this type of way only to the resolution
> level 1 (the least detailed level) and NOT to finer resolution levels?
> It will never be displayed at any zoom level! (Lowest reasonable zoom
> needs at least resolution 8)
Routing has to be in resolution 24 to work well, so I don't think the 
above could work.
> This is possible with current mkgmap.
> Regards,
> Johann
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