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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1445: Hide underground railways. Map railway=abandoned to highway=track.

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Tue Dec 29 21:16:42 GMT 2009

> If someone knows how to create invisible routeable ways, then we might
> consider hiding underground roads. 
With the current state of mkgmap I see no way to create invisible roads. 
But from technical view it should be possible. Simply add the way to the 
routing tables, but not to the line drawing tables. Nevertheless needs 
some refactoring before being able doing this.

While thinking about it, I think a found at least a workaround:
What happens, if you assign this type of way only to the resolution 
level 1 (the least detailed level) and NOT to finer resolution levels? 
It will never be displayed at any zoom level! (Lowest reasonable zoom 
needs at least resolution 8)

This is possible with current mkgmap.


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