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[mkgmap-dev] Problem displaying mkgmap created maps with TTQV(Touratech Quo vadis)

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sun Dec 27 17:18:01 GMT 2009

On 27.12.2009 18:12, Gert Münzel wrote:
> Hi,
> i have experienced( and also red that otherones maked the same
> experience) sometimes, that mkgmap created maps/overlays couldn't be
> displayed with TTQV althought the same map could be used with Mapsource
> perfectly.
> Meanwhile accidently i created this possible erroneous map with a style
> from another of my maps  and amazingly then i could use it in TTQV. I'm
> shamed to say that i unfortunately forgot making a backup of the
> lines-file which seems to cause these kind of problem, so it's difficult
> for me going on investigating it.
> May be some of you have an idea if there is compability issue by using
> style file entries with different mkgmaps versions which should be keep
> in mind by map builders.
> Example which could not be displayed with TTQV
> OSM Reit Wanderkarte
> http://topo.geofabrik.de/OSM_Wanderkarte_mapsource.zip
Well that map is definitely not viewable under TTQV anyhow. It's style 
is unusable without .TYP-file and those TTQV does not support. If mkgmap 
default style would cause errors on TTQV import and this map is not 100% 
mkgmap, but created with a preprocessor on top, it really could be a bug 
inside mkmgap if maps created with default style are not viewable. Any 
maps containing multiple layers also wont be usable in TTQV, nor are 
3byte/extended types usable within TTQV and much much more.

The only other program besides Mapsource that reads more or less 
standard compliant (though no bitmaps allowed in .TYP-File) is gpsmapedit.
> cheers
> Gert
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