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[mkgmap-dev] boundary relations duplicated by splitter, not merged by mkgmap

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sat Dec 26 20:53:29 GMT 2009


> In my map generated from Geofabrik's finland.osm.bz2, in the national border
> between Finland and Sweden, the name Sverige (name:sv for Sweden) occurs
> three times, apparently once per map tile.  In the *.osm.gz files output
> by splitter, only the relation 52822 has name=Sweden, and that relation
> does occur in every *.osm.gz tile file.
> In the generated gmapsupp.img, the name occurs in two labels, like this:

I'm not sure I understand what you are describing here.

The subject implies that the problem is with splitter, but I'm not so
sure from the rest of the description.

Splitter should place a one copy of a relation in each tile that
contains an element that is referenced by that relation.
If it is placing more than one copy in a tile that would be a splitter
bug, whereas if the relation occuring in two different
tiles is somehow causing interference between the tiles, that would be
a mkgmap bug.

It looks like the relation with the name Sverige is repeated three
times in one .osm file, or alternatively the relation contains the
same way three times.  That could be a splitter bug or even a bug in
the original data.

If, when you compile each .osm file separately and then join them into
a gmapsupp you get different results to when you do everything with
the one command, then it might be a mkgmap bug.

I'd probably have to see the files if none of that seems to apply.


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