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[mkgmap-dev] Routing Problem in Southern Minnesota

From Jeffrey Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us on Tue Dec 22 21:31:09 GMT 2009


I'm having an issue with routing in southern Minnesota along I-35 with
my Oregon 300 (firmware 3.40).  If I pick two points along I-35, one
south of Albert Lea and the other north of Owatonna my Garmin wants to
route me over to US 218 instead of using I-35.  The same route using
Cloudmade just goes straight up I-35 as one would expect.  Is this a
bug in my Garmin, is there a deficiency in the OSM data or am I
generating my maps incorrectly?   I'm using osmosis merge last week's
planet plus the dailies and then split out Iowa and Minnesota.  I've
attached a PNG which shows the odd route the Garmin gives me.  I've
used JOSM to look over the data in OSM and fixed the obvious issues.
Can anyone point out where I'm going wrong?

Jeff Ollie
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