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[mkgmap-dev] Help with style rules

From Gianmario Mengozzi gianmario.mengozzi at gmail.com on Sat Dec 19 15:11:40 GMT 2009

2009/12/19 Charlie Ferrero <charlie at cferrero.net>:

> And in my overlays file:
> # bridges
> 0x113: 0x04, 0x12
> # oneway symbols
> 0x125: 0x04, 0x10

> Charlie

Hi Charlie,

sorry i have no aswer to your question, but , reading your e-mail,
probabily u can help me building some map features i'm dealing with

so, could you pls be more specific reagarding your overlays files
(maybe sending some detailed examples) ?

thanx in advance for your helping


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