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[mkgmap-dev] Help with style rules

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Sat Dec 19 11:50:06 GMT 2009

Hi list,

In my lines style file I have the following lines:

highway=secondary & (oneway=yes | oneway=true) [0x125 resolution 20]
highway=secondary & (bridge=yes | bridge=true) [0x113 resolution 20]
highway=secondary [0x04 resolution 20]

And in my overlays file:
# bridges
0x113: 0x04, 0x12
# oneway symbols
0x125: 0x04, 0x10

This has the effect of adding one-way symbols (defined in my TYP file 
for 0x10) to secondary roads with oneway=yes, and bridge symbols (0x12) 
to secondary roads with bridge=yes.  Any roads that have neither of 
these two keys just appear as secondary roads.
What doesn't currently work is secondary roads that are both one-way and 
a bridge.

Is the continue patch the only way to apply a set of rules to ways that 
are both oneway and bridges?  Or can I do something more cunning in the 
style file?

If the continue patch is the only way, is there a compiled version of 
it, or would I have to compile it myself?





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