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[mkgmap-dev] naming map layers in a gmapsupp.img

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Fri Dec 18 08:16:51 GMT 2009

garvan.maew at online.com.kh wrote:

> Your Tool Meun may be hidden in mapsource. From the menu select  
> Tools->Map, and then select all the tiles you want to transfer to your  
> device by draging a selection box over them with the mouse, or  
> clicking on each tile.
> It would be nice to have a table to show where all different options  
> show up in mapsource and on the gps. I have never seen the bug you are  
> describing, but I have the family-name, not the series-name displaying  
> in menu [1], and my GPS has no external memory so I can only use  
> mapsource to upload maps.
> Garvan
Thanks for that.  Man, that's not the most obvious thing to figure out 
on your own!  Perhaps I should have read the manual...


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