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[mkgmap-dev] naming map layers in a gmapsupp.img

From Ralf Kleineisel ralf at kleineisel.de on Wed Dec 16 08:36:06 GMT 2009

On 12/15/2009 04:00 PM, Charlie Ferrero wrote:

> For the record,
> series-name: This is the name displayed in the top-left drop down list 
> in MapSource and that is visible in the GPS menu (but only the series 
> name of the top layer)
> family-name: This is the name that appears in MapSource's Map Product 
> Manager (CTRL+U) and is also ascribed to each tile if transferred using 
> send-map
> area-name: This is the name that appears against each tile in the GPS 
> unit if transferred manually by copying a gmapsupp.img to SD card

Different GPS units seem to handle this differently.

My eTrex Legend HCx shows the "description" field in the "Setup map" menu
where you can select individual map tiles. I set it like this in the
template.args file:

mapname: 10000058
description: OSM_Berlin_W
input-file: 10000058.osm.gz
mapname: 10000059
description: OSM_Berlin_O
input-file: 10000059.osm.gz

In the "Setup map" menu, where you can select the different maps according
to the family-ID and/or the basemap, it shows the family-name.

I haven't found the area name or the series name anywhere in this unit.

I copy the whole gmapsupp.img using an SD card reader.

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