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[mkgmap-dev] Problems with multiple maps in one gmapsupp.img

From Simon Eugster livin.shadow at gmail.com on Fri Dec 11 22:36:05 GMT 2009

Good Evening,

I've just been processing the whole USA and put it all in one gmapsupp.img. 
Zooming in at two, three places shew that at least the places I visited 
were working.

Then I've added the switzerland file. And exactly at the place where I'm 
living I've got a gap. There _are_ some parts of switzerland which are 
available on the map, but there is a gap.

What might have caused that?

When uploading just the gmapsupp.img generated from the switzerland file 
all is fine.

Is it because I'm using too many maps? About 50 in total. Or because one 
map is buggy?

Total file size of the gmapsupp is at 1.8 GB.

Any Ideas?


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