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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v2] grok unpavedness + ferry nature

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Tue Dec 8 15:03:08 GMT 2009

On 08.12.2009 14:57, Mark Burton wrote:
> v3 - turns out they handle ferry routes in a similar fashion as to
> unpaved roads so I've added support for avoiding them (when route=ferry
> tag is present) - untested here due to paucity of ferries in
> Cheshire but I have verified that the unpaved stuff still works.
Yip, works great. However I think an artificial key instead of 
route=ferry would be better. This would leave the choice to block a 
ferry (well I intend to use this same value for gondolas and chairlifts 
too) also if it is part of another route relation.
Actually I think the best would be to have /add avoid:ferry=yes; add 
avoid:unpaved=yes/; add avoid:toll=yes this would be the most adaptable. 
(for example this would allow to build a map for motorcyclists that want 
to avoid trunk roads/motorways with toll=yes but not avoid mountain 
roads which have toll=yes set). I'm only a bit unsure about the carpool 
avoidance, because I have problems understanding the implication 
difference of it. I will have to try it out on some sample maps to 
really understand which combinations are possible, and which are not 

Actually is it possible to set normal avoidances based on the vehicle 
type? I know that cgpsmapper is supposed to support turn restrictions 
based on vehicle, it would be interesting to set avoidances like unpaved 
based on vehicle too.
> ---------
> v2 - sans syntax error
> ---------
> Bloody typical, you wait around for ages hoping for a new routing
> capability to be added to mkgmap and then two come along on
> the same day.
> I've been trying to discover how unpavedness is encoded for at least 6
> months. Every now and again, I return to think about it some more.
> Check and re-check the same old data structures. Very
> frustrating, no progress. Damn those cunning bastards at Garmin....
> However, a month or two ago, I discovered that Table C contains more
> than just turn restrictions. I still don't know many of it's little
> secrets but, today, having exhausted all other possibilities, I finally
> twigged that Table C contains the key to understanding "unpavedness".
> Gotcha!
> The attached patch allows you to add either unpaved=yes/true/1 or
> paved=no/false/0 to a way and then it will be ignored for routing
> purposes when the GPS has been told to avoid unpaved roads.
> Not sure if those are the best tags to use - any thoughts?
> BTW - the unpaved road line type 0x0a has nothing to do with
> unpavedness, it's just a routable way that gets drawn as a dashed line
> (default rendering).
> Feedback, etc.
> Mark
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