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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] grok unpavedness

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Tue Dec 8 09:03:10 GMT 2009

> >> Not sure if those are the best tags to use - any thoughts?
> >>      
> > I think the most used tag is surface=unpaved, but as usual
> > we can do this in the style file.
> >
> > highway=*&  (surface=unpaved | surface=dirt | surface=sand |
> > surface=ground | surface=gravel) {add unpaved=yes}
> >
> > Chris
> >
> >    
> Well I prefer if it it is kept like right now, and surface=* is not 
> automatically considered as unpaved avoidance and the tag itself is not 
> present in OSM database. This leaves more choice in the style-file to 
> abuse the unpaved tag (and allows the choice if for example 
> tracktype=grade2 is considered to be avoided or not via "avoid unpaved 
> roads".
> The default style-file of course should have something like below:
> highway=*&  (surface=unpaved | surface=dirt | surface=sand |
> surface=ground | surface=gravel | tracktype=grade2 | tracktype=grade3 | tracktype=grade4 | tracktype=grade5 | sac_scale=* | smothness= ........) {add unpaved=yes}

Felix echoes my thoughts exactly. There's lot's of surface values that
imply unpavedness so using surface=unpaved isn't the way to go. I did
wonder about using a mkgmap specific tag, e.g. mkgmap:unpaved=yes but
as unpaved=yes (or paved=no) do not obviously conflict with existing OSM
tags, I thought I would not use the mkgmap: prefix.

If people are happy with that, I will commit the patch soon as it is.


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